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eMail Policy

We have a zero tolerance for SPAM, and do not allow the sending or receiving of any mail that has been generated by UCE.

Mail Support :
Please note with the ever rising deluge of virus generated SPAM from unprotected cable and DSL machines, we have had to impliment the following policy. Our Policy is inline with the way mail is handled throughout the industry.

What the Mailservers Accept or Reject :

1. All mailservers will not accept inbound mail from Dynamic IP adresses.
2. Mail servers will only accept mail from Authorized, correctly configured mailservers with, correct reverse DNS. To ensure your mail gets delivered, please ensure you have a properly Authorized mailserver with the correct DNS entries.
3. Mail from legitimate mailservers from DSL and Cable companies will be accepted.
4. Mail will not be accepted from open relays and IP's of known SPAM spewing networks.
5. Mail that appears in, SpamCop will not be accepted. it is your prorogative to fix the problem that caused you to appear in the list. We make use of 4 major RBL''s to enforce our mail policy.
6. We will whitelist IP''s on request from our clients and the admin responsible for the IP class only. i.e we will allow access from blocked IP''s on a case by case basis. If your mail has bounced and you feel this is in error, submit a request to be "white listed."
7. We do not accept direct MX from Dynamic IPs at other ISP''s. They need to use their ISP''s Authorized mailserver.
Additional infomation can be found here. In the event you are not familiar to how email works, once it leaves your machine, please read the following.

Contact Form Spam!

Contact form spam has now become the latest irritation, as for as unsolicited spam is concerned. This spam eminates primarily from Servers and TOR networks, as well as proxies.

Zero Spam policy
We have deceided to reduce our exposure to that type of SPAM, due to the high incidence of abuse. None of the following connections will be tolerated:

Proxy Connections.
Connections from Servers that have a history of Abuse.
Infected Hosts.
Abusive Hosts.
Abusive TLD's.
IPs and Abusive Netblocks.
Automated Scripts.

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