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Support that makes hosting easy.

Standard Support Service Option :
All of our hosting solutions carry standard support services which are available free of charge.

Online support is available 24 X 7 X 365 via email and the Online Trouble Ticket System.

Standard support requests should be submitted via email and / or the Online Trouble Ticket System.

Billing related inquiries are handled from 10 AM to 4 PM EDT, Monday through Friday, via email or phone.

We monitor power, bandwidth, http / smtp response on all customer servers on a 5 minute interval from outside the network as well as on the network.

We identifying and block DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

We notify when patches that may apply need to be installed, however we are not responsible for installing and maintaining the patches on the servers for unMananaged servers.

We are NOT responsible for the following: :
Customer coding issues.

3rd party software installed by the customer. 

OS or software problems caused by bugs or patches

Virus or worm infections. Virus protection / removal is the customers responsibility.

Ongoing server management
Ongoing creation of domains or web sites

Configuration beyond the basic functionality of installed OS or applications

Troubleshooting customized applications
Support Service Options available :

It is however a requirement of our TERMS and CONDITIONS and NETWORK POLICY that all machines need to be secure and patched regularly and are free of trojans or bots.

When requesting support that requires us to login to a server, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide updated log in information.

Network connectivity from the customers server to our backbone providers.

Support for DNS management via our DNS Servers.

Hardware / Server replacement due to hardware failure, within 4 hours of being aware of failure, we will restore OS to original installed condition. 

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