Dedicated and virtual dedicated servers

Data Wireless is located in the Miami Data Vault building in Miami, Fl. The facility features all-fiber connectivity, multiple connections to the power grid, redundant power and cooling systems, and multiple security layers of Access Control.

We specializes in server collocation and dedicated servers, in a highly secure and reliable way to exchange and protect data, deliver IP-based services and provide content in a carrier-neutral environment. Our hurricane-proof facility is constructed of solid, steel reinforced concrete. We have applied the most rigorous standards of design, testing and maintenance in our facility to ensure maximum security and uptime for the critical data and applications hosted for our clients. The building has a SAS 70 Rating.

As part of our offerings we have available :

  • Dedicated Server Rackspace
  • Dedicated Cabinet Space
  • Dedicated Cage Space.
  • Dedicated Server rental
  • Colocated Server Rackspace
  • Colocated Cabinet Space
  • Colocated Cage Space



Data and Wireless Inc - Dedicated server hosting, eCommerce web hosting and colocated servers.